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July 25th, 2007

10:40 pm: you're ghey.
summer is ok...birthday saturday, dinner with friends tomorrow.
vacation aug. 16-september something.
passed u.s. and euro ap tests with a 3
looking at possible colleges. depaul u or u of chicago
classes next year: calculus, english, civics/econ, german 4, t.a., physics.
1st 3 classes are ap so idk how that's gonna go...
need to do summer reading/hw
xcountry is ok...my knees hurt a lot though. we ran to sac today.
ran up 4 flights of stairs 5 times and then went back to school.
dont know how i do it. don't like going at 6 for practice though, but at least it's not too hot yet.

myspace is more interesting than this.

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March 18th, 2007

06:34 pm: ummm
it has certainly been a long time
i've kind of forgotten about this haha
last month
i went to europe
it was fun...
school's ok...planning to take next year: ap calculus, german 4, physics (yay), t.a., ap english, ap civics/econ. hmmmm worried about math and science.
now to the good stuff.
this angel deal has gotten worse. i tried moving on but he and his ugly pedophiliac girlfriend just doen't go away. seriously though...she's 19...he's 16...kind of gross of her. laaaame, why can't she find someone her own age? it's bad enough i had to watch them makeout in front of me at winter formal, but now they're like everywhere! everything reminds me of him! ahhhh!
soooo i went to a concert march 6th with Joanna and the next day i was super tired. In 2nd period we had a test, so when i was done i put my head down on my desk and after a while i put it up a little and then Angel just handed me a note! at first i didnt know if it was for me or not, haha i kind of looked around like "what?" and then so i opened it and it said "hey tracy. whats wrong? how was the test?" and i was like =O what?!?!?! but i just wrote "im tired, the test was easy." he said "yeah im tired too, i just started my study guides last night. but i feel like i finally passed a test in this class." i said "i havent started the study guides, i was out too late last night. i didnt get home until like one and i got in trouble" (lie lie lie i got home around 12...but it adds mystery!) he asks "where did you go?" i said "a concert." he said "who did you go see?" i said "lola ray..." (since they were like "our" band) he asks "did they play the
song you like?" (w/e he liked it too). i said yes, and that they only played like 5 songs. he asks "who did you go with?" i say "a friend." (deliberately leaving out deatils equals more mystery!!) then i dunno what he said and i was like they finished at 11:15ish...he asks if i did homework before i went and i said no, and then the girl who sits to my right gave me a note
talking about her crazy ex boyfriend, and angel was like tell michelle i said hi...so i did and she told me to tell him "hi loserface" so i did...he was like "that bitch (jokingly)...ahh tracy do your homework!" so i said "dont tell me what to do...its easy anyway i'll do it in 3rd." i didnt mean for it to sound mean, but he didnt say anything back...elizabeth later told me he said he got mad at me for not doing my hw...but later that week i heard he ditched first period because he didnt do his. wtf.
and the next day i wrote elizabeth a letter i guess when she read it, she laughed and he turned around like right away and put his hand out for her to give it to him. and she was like no you cant read it! she said during the flag salute he had one hand over his heart and the other out for her to give it to him. so to get him all nosy she said i go into detail about "this hot indie guy"...hehehe he asked "was this indie guy was hotter than me?!?" she said "duhhh...he's indie!" he said "i can be indie too!"

he doesnt like me liking other guys...but he doesnt want me to like him? HMMM.
and i hate that he made small talk with me. why doesnt he just speak to me like i want him to, not about stupid school but what i want to talk to him about. he knows i have things to say to him, and unless he gives me the chance, i'm going to keep being bitter and miserable. i dont think he deserves to be happy for one thing...after everything he's done, why should he get what he wants? it only shows him he can treat girls this way and get away with it. i've told him im not going to let it go so he can forget about it, like he wants me to. he's just making it worse. but yeah...how can he even be happy when he knows everything i've told him? another reason i believe he does not have any feelings except for "excited" and "horny".


and im fighting with evelyn. i swear she's trying to make me jealous she still talks to him. always talking about him in front of me, saying she hangs out with him, etc., etc.. Whatever we're not friends anymore.

i do not have time for stupid stuff. i have to study for a.p. tests and chemistry! i have a d-!
=O i need a job! i kind of want summer to come but kind of not because it reminds me of angel. boohoo.


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July 18th, 2006

07:27 pm: um...
i havent updated in forever but i dont really have anything to share.
stuff's happened but i cant just write it for people to see.
uhh...summer's ok.
i need a job.
i need to start filling out applications.
tilly's, pac sun, american eagle maybe.
birthday's in 10 days. buy me stuff.
supposedly my friends are planning me a surprise party.
we'll see about that.
ummm...Jennifer's going to England in less than two months.
I might go for Christmas.
and then Germany and Poland.
to see Auschwitz.
blah i dont want school to ever start again.
next year i'm taking: english- zero per. everyone fun is taking it then...
pre-cal :[
chemistry :[
ap euro
ap u.s.
german 3
MAAAYBEEE health/driver's ed.
or an elective so i can have a 6th period.
but i really dont want to.
but my schedule might have to have one.
for example
what if my u.s. was 6th period. or german.
i would HAVE to take another class.
block tomorrow
Joanna & Michelle. maybe Evelyn.
Haven't heard from Joce all summer
hmmm...write later.
if anything interesting occurs.

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March 30th, 2006

06:39 pm: if it was up to me, you'd cry tonight
grrr got DQed at the swim meet today. but oh well my relay team thing got second in both our relays. pretty tired. I didn't check my times... I'm hungry mmmmm fooood.

anyhow, my grades are going back up. got an A- in history, rank 4! A- in English, woooo I hope I have an A at the end of the semester, so I don't have to take the final. Last semester I got an 84% on it and a 90% on my history one. it was cool hhahaha. and in math I still have a c+, so that's good. have another test on Monday...I do not care about arithmetic and geometric series, sorry. and in photography....well I didn't do the powerpoint for our project...she didn't even let us go on the computer the last two days before it was due. I could have done it but noooo we had to watch some stupidboring movie on nature photography.
hmmm...German...I think I have an A/B...Swim...an A...hopefully hahaha

got schedule for next year already sorta.
next year I'm taking: pre-cal
ap u.s. history
ap european history
German 3
and hopefully health/driver's ed. but it might not be zero period next year, so I will have to wait until my SENIOR YEAR. gah!

my puppy smells. blegh
but he's so cute.

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March 24th, 2006

07:31 pm: MY PUPPY IT'S SO CUTE LIKE OMG!!!!!1
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March 23rd, 2006

06:32 pm: I know I'm not your favorite record
Wooooo I am now on varsity swim. woot.
today I had to swim 100 breaststroke. I dunno how I did...kinda tired...
Next meet is against Grove. And tomorrow we are getting pictures taken.
But swim has been good for me. My arms and legs are more muscle-y. hahaha
It is almost Friday. yessss

The CAHSEE was really easy. I hope I passed it hahahaah. I was like "hey...I know this!" mwuahaha yes...

I have an A- in English. yay!...it's like a 90.9% hahah
and I think I have an A in German, and sports, and history, too.
yayyyyy. I do not think I have a good grade in my math class, I had a c+, but I failed our last test, so...yeah. I need a tutor!!!
well, I kind of get what we are doing now...but I really do not care about arithmetic sequences or whatever. like at all.
I have to read Night for homework and answer some questions grrrr. and then math...and history...


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March 19th, 2006

10:38 am: too bad the groom's bride is a whore
ahhh grrr it's sunday again. which means school tomorrow. grrrr
so yeah hmmm i'm thinking about quitting the swim team. i don't like the coaches at all. they gave us this whole telling-off on Friday about our meet at Los and they said like how they don't get respect from us. but how are we going to respect them if they're making us do things that we can't do...Emberg tried to get me to do the 100 medley...i can't do butterfly, and she's always picking on my backstroke, so she knows i can't do it. i can barely do the 100 free, jeez.
anywho, i placed 2nd in 50 breaststroke and 2nd in the 200 relay and i think...2nd or 3rd in the 400 relay. but grrrr i got water in my goggles as soon as i dived in on the 400. so i had like on eye closed the whole time. it sucked.
thursday's meet is against Rancho.
Tomorrow the money for sweatshirts and shirts is due, and Friday is the day we get our nice pictures done. so maybe i'll quit after that hahaha.
but then...i paid $60 for that suit...

and i'm not talking to my bestest guy friend anymore. cuz he is a jerk, and the only thing i can do is stay away and let him find out things on his own because he doesn't want to listen. if he wants to ignore the fact that his skankfaced girlfriend is messing around, then fine, but i'm not going to talk to him because i'm the one who gets in trouble for trying to be a good friend. jerkface.

but everything else is good i guess. have c+ in math...the highest so far this year haha. CASHEE this week too...on tuesday and wednesday? wednesday nad thursday? i don't remember...hopefully I pass first time around.
Lisa's birthday the 22nd. dunno what we're doing...i don't know what i'm getting her yet...

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March 8th, 2006

11:37 pm: an ode to my gnome lamp
well, not really.
but it is pretty awesome.
I wrote one for English on it. Oh, it is glorious to the max.

yeah it's been a while since I actually updated. Hmmmm...yes.
Meet tomorrow vs. La Quinta. JV won last Thursday against Fullerton. Yay!! Except I got DQed in the very first event, 200 medley relay. grrrr, who cares if I touch the end with one hand? hahaha but yeah I made it up in the 200 IM relay; we went from last to 3rd! and then I got 4th in 50 breaststroke. I got back to my regular time too, 101.03 I got. Which is around what I got at finals last year- 101.06. Better than the 106 I got last Tuesday. grrr I was mad about that. Hopefully I will do the same events, if not less. It's very tiring.

Going to a play for English too, Taming of the Shrew. It's like a dress rehearsal for only our school. shall be fun, taking Alissa, I guess. Hopefully she behaves. If she doesn't I am going to kill her. Don't know what to wear; we're not supposed to dress fancy or anything, but like no jeans. Maybe that green plaid dress I got...But it might be cold...maybe a skirt and tights...yeah...have to hurry though, meets usually end aroun 5:30-6:00, and we're supposed to be there at 7.


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February 23rd, 2006

05:20 pm: Nightmare of You pictures
From last night at Chain Reaction
piiiicsCollapse )

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February 5th, 2006

06:50 pm: stupid boys they suck. sometimes it's ok but right now i'm feeling sad again. grrr I should stop talking to him...but he's my best guy friend, too. and he doesn't even know, so how can I be mad at him. If he knew and was going out with another girl, I would be angry and get over him, but he doesn't know he's doing anything...wrong. why isn't he with me; we're friends and he calls me pretty and everything already...there's no reason he shouldn't be; is he just not into me? it hurts
it isn't like we were together and broke up, that would be so much easier because there would be a reason, but with this, it's hard to watch him with someone else everyday nad have to act like everything's normal. and I can't do or say anything about it. and his girlfriend is so nice to me, ahhh it's terrible.
And I miss him, the last time I talked to him was Wednesday and I miss him, like a lot. jesus what's wrong with me.
He makes me happy when I talk to him and everything's alright, until he leaves and then the only thing I have to think about is how he's happy being with someone else.
And he's still weird too, like one time he called me baby and then was like oh I mean bye, that...is not even close. and he calls me bff and appearantly we're going to start a band called The Chyeahs and he says I'm always there for him to talk to. Which made me happy for a bit.

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